Chuck Norris Home Gym Review

What is So Great About the Chuck Norris Gym

totalgymxls Occasionally I like to review fitness products and exercise machines, which I have found useful and which have helped me achieve the way I look today. And when I find machine which offers a total body work out, in one unit, I have to find out more about it and share it. The Chuck Norris Home Gym is such a machine!

Keeping your body fit and healthy is fundamental. And You can only do this by two ways – taking regular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet. If you don’t, you’ll get fat, your mind will get stale and you’ll cut years off your life expectancy.

I have worked out all my life, both with weights and doing various forms of cardio exercise, from mountain biking to fitness workouts and spinning in a membership gym. I even looked at Pilates, but it wasn’t my thing! I love the feeling of having more energy than I know what to do with, but one thing has always troubled me. Joint problems.

When I was twenty one years old, I was head strong about weight training and because I was working out in a bodybuilders gym, it took me no time at all to put on some decent muscle size and gain a lot of strength.

However, today I wish I had known about low impact fitness equipment like the Total Gym XLS home fitness equipment, also known as the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine, because after lifting heavy weights for many years, my joints really do give me problems and a huge amount of pain occasionally.

Click this link to read more about the Chuck Norris Exercise Machine (Total Gym XLS).

My knees give me the most pain (from heavy squatting), but my shoulder joints bother me the most (with niggling tendon and ball joint pains) because when your shoulder ball joint is inflamed, you literally can’t pick up a dumbbell that a two year old could easily lift! Heavy weights workouts for chest and shoulders has resulted in a lot more than a big chest and good shoulder width, unfortunately.

If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll know the kind of pain and related problems I’m talking about. And taking time off using weights throws all sorts of complications in to the mix. Not just the obvious physical ones, but you have to consider changing your diet (reducing your calories) while you are not lifting, along with the psychological problems that arise because you can’t train properly!

If you don’t lower your calorie intake for that period, you’ll gain fat pounds, so my best tip here would be to do more cardio while you rest your joints – just to make sure you keep off the flabby stuff!

That’s why I love the Chuck Norris home gym. It provides a low impact workout, that rivals any workout you could do in a weights gym. This means you can workout without fear of damaging your knees and shoulders, or any other joint problem you may have. It says something about a piece of fitness equipment, when it was originally intend for use as rehabilitation equipment!

The Total Gym gives you a full body workout, in twenty minutes or less if that’s all you want to do (you can do more, depending on your goals). Imagine all the exercises you do with weights, all in one piece of equipment! It is built with a solid frame, which can withstand a huge amount of weight and usage.

What Exercises Can You Do on the Total Gym XLS?

  • Pilates exercises
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Arms – bicep and triceps workouts
  • Back exercises
  • Chest exercises
  • Leg workouts – squatting using body weight resistance

Chuck Norris has endorsed the Total Gym XLS for over thirty years, using it in his home gym and on the road whenever he’s on tour or making movies and TV programs. When asked ‘Why Total Gym?’ In his own words, Chuck says ’because it works!’ But he is not the only celebrity to do this, Christie Brinkley also boasts about this total fitness system.

Visit the link above to review more of the Chuck Norris Home Gym. But in brief, here is what you get with your purchase – Pilates kit, perform over eighty exercises, four hundred pound weight capacity, exercise charts and workout DVD’s.