Optimal Biceps Workout – How to Maximize Your Efforts

When they are working their biceps, most guys pick up a heavy set of dumbbells and start throwing them about. You’ve seen them, slinging that dumbbell up high and arching their backs just to get the dumbbell to travel upwards!

“The weight is too heavy, its only working your shoulders dumb-ass”! Well, that’s what I’m thinking when I see guys in my gym doing it, but sadly most of them don’t want to learn the correct way to build huge arms, they are stuck in their ways.

This is how to do biceps curls so that you are working your biceps, not any other muscle that may help you get the weight up!

Ben Pakulski is probably the most educated pro-bodybuilder around, I would suggest for a long time too. He trains in the way that I believe – ‘don’t train heavy, train smart’ – because heavy weights that are, well, too heavy will only cause you injuries.

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Arm Workout for Maximum Results

I had to share this video of IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski training arms. The reality of a workout like this is that the focused muscles can do nothing but fatigue, break down and grow. Take notes! Video details: Ben does a lot of supersets and drop sets Use thicker bars for a better bicep pump […]

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