How High is Your Intensity Level in Your Workout?

Discover how you can use ALL of your energy and TOTALLY fatigue your muscles during your workout.

Video details:

  • Hold the contraction of your repetition for at least one second
  • Give the whole set EVERYTHING you have from start to finish
  • Don’t bounce at the bottom of your repetition
  • It only matters how much stress or tension you are placing on a muscle
  • Fully exhaust your muscles. At the end of your set, drop the weight and continue to failure, then drop the weight and repeat.
  • Shorten your rest periods to 30 to 60 seconds maximum between sets

What Mike Chang is showing you here, is what I’ve done, preached and taught for a long time. Keeping your intensity high will ensure that you use all of your energy throughout your workout. This really is one of the best ways to build muscle mass at will.

Once you get your head around exercising this way, and it becomes second nature, you will start to grow exponentially. You will also burn a lot more calories during your workout to, which is great news.