Do Not Dismiss Bodyweight Workouts Because They Are Best for Fat Loss

You see all these people pounding treadmills at the gym, doing their apparent best effort to lose weight. Why, oh why, do gym owners and providers still push people towards their machines, when most of them know that this is not the best way you can burn fat.

Mind you, I used to be of that ilk until I realized (a long time ago now), that a treadmill or even an elliptical trainer was not making the best use of my time in the gym! I would religiously finish my weights workout and then spend twenty to thirty minutes on an incline running machine.

That was, until I discovered bodyweight workouts like this one in the video.

The one Funk Roberts demonstrates in this video is primarily for MMA fighters, but anyone can and should do this if they want to burn more fat, and quicker.

Getting your heart rate as high as possible, and then doing an interval of rest is by fat the best way to burn fat for the ordinary person. And you can burn far more fat in just twenty minutes doing HIIT, than spending half of your life running on the spot!

Try this workout, but don’t forget to follow the instructions that Funk sets out in the beginning.