Yoga in Bodybuilding – Is it a Good Idea?

Yoga is essentially stretching the muscles of your body, so it is a good idea for a bodybuilder to add in to their weekly weight training and fitness plan, yes? Well, not necessarily.

Find out why by watching this short video.

Now what do you think? Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Keeping your body flexible is a really good idea, it can only help your weight training. But in Yoga, you are putting your body in some unfamiliar positions, if not weird and very uncomfortable positions, stretching parts of your body that, well, you never knew you could stretch!

Seriously. When I first took up Yoga, I realized how inflexible I actually was. And I was someone who stretches almost every day (and still am), but Yoga did take things to a whole new level, flexibility wise.

But, if what you are doing is compromising your joints and placing stress in awkward angles, for example, on your ankles or hips, you’re going to really hurt yourself. So be careful and follow Ben Pakulski’s advice – if you can afford one, get a private Yoga instructor.