Announcement: Everything You Need to Know About Weight Training and Bodybuilding

Building muscle is an art and a science. I’ve been passionate about weight training and bodybuilding since the age of sixteen, and at 43 I’m still learning. This section of our site is dedicated to weight training for the purpose of building muscle.

This should not be confused with lifting weights for power lifting.

Although the top bodybuilders like Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Ben Pakulski are incredibly strong, picking up the heaviest set of dumbbells and pressing them is not the best way for you to make gains from your efforts.

There are much better ways!

But this is where most young guys go wrong. I’m not pointing fingers by the way, I was guilty of this trait too, a long time ago. The average newcomer to any gym wants to get strong, and usually build a big chest and a huge set of guns!

The problem with that attitude is that those guys will be lifting barbells and dumbbells that are far too heavy for their overall structure to cope with. You don’t want or need to be one of those meatheads if your intent is to build an incredible physique that your friends would die for!

So, we are going to help you build that body.

You will learn the best, most effective and safe ways to gain lean muscle. You will learn how to bulk up without gaining too much fat, and you will learn the most beneficial ways to eat your food.

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