How to Get Better Abs as a Bodybuilder

One of my biggest challenges when I started lifting weights was how to get a great looking set of abdominal muscles. What I realized after about two years was that I was not effectively training my mid-section.

I was doing sit ups and some leg raises, just like most people I guess. So, what was I doing wrong that it took me nearly three years to get abdominals that I was proud to show off?

Watch this video by IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski, and you will instantly see what you are probably doing wrong, just like I was twenty years ago.

Video details:

  • Focus on the 5 second contraction
  • On the contraction, blow out all of the air
  • Choose easier exercises like the ball crunch or rope crunch that allow you to exercise this way
  • Its important to get ‘mind muscle connection’ when you are working your abs
  • Practice exhaling completely standing in front of the mirror

Since I started working my abs like this, I’ve really noticed a different of how tight they are getting. The more you practice this way of exercising, the longer you will be able to contract your abdominals for, which is what we are aiming for as bodybuilders.

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