Andy James

Andy has worked with and trained many different people in the 'science' of changing and improving the way their body looks. He is focused on helping people deliver the best results in the least possible time.

In this 'nano-second' world we all live in, most people don't have time to spend in the gym like a professional athlete. This is why Andy developed QBX Fitness to show people not only the best way to exercise and workout, but how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Yoga in Bodybuilding – Is it a Good Idea?

Is Yoga a good idea if you are a bodybuilder? It’s stretching your muscles, so it should be great addition to your plan. But, is it?

Nutrition Tips for Building Muscle

Focus on your nutrition, keep it clean, keep your protein synthesizing and you will build quality muscle.

What is the Best Way to Build Muscle Fast Without Injury

Your muscles are not growing are they? I know why. Discover NOW the absolutely best way to build muscle faster than you ever did before. And without injuring your joints. This is SERIOUS.

Should You Stretch Before or After Your Weight Training Workout

Discover the perfect timing for stretching to enhance your bodybuilding and weight training.

HIIT : Video Explaining Cardio and High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT cardio for weight loss video explains the best ways to lose weight and feel great. Also find tips for people weight training and using high interval intensity training.

The Science of Muscle Building Foods :: Everything You Need to Know to Pack on the Beef

The best muscle building foods you need to pack on huge amounts of muscle mass, should be eaten at specific times in your day. Find out why the food you are eating is making you fat, instead of gaining muscle.

How to Build Muscle and Get Ripped in the Fastest Way Possible

Building muscle and getting ripped in the fastest way possible is every bodybuilders dream. But the trick and science is how to get ripped with diet and weight training without losing muscle size.

Planning a Bodybuilding Weekly Workout Schedule for Men

Planning your bodybuilding weekly workout schedule around your busy life can be hard. So here are some of my best tips you can use to take the guess work out of the equation. All you will need to do is just lift those weights when you get to the gym!

Chunky Flapjack Recipe :: Protein Rich and High in Essential Post Workout Nutrition

These chunky flapjacks make an amazing post workout snack, that is high in carbohydrates and protein. Perfect if you are lifting heavy weights.

What is the Best Workout to Lose Weight for Beginners

No matter if you want to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass, this video will show you a great workout that any beginner can do. And you can do it in just 7 minutes.