What Do You Eat Before a Weights Workout

I always thought that your pre-workout meal should be high in carbohydrates. You need those carbohydrates for energy and to get a pump. I bet that is what you are doing right now too, and wonder why you lack energy during your workout and don’t seem to be able to get that ‘mind-muscle’ connection.

Watch this and find out why eating carbohydrates before your workout may be hurting your efforts in the gym, and perhaps why you’re not seeing the gains you want.

Now what do you think?

  • Did you catch the ‘no carbohydrates in the morning’ to?
  • You penultimate meal prior to your workout should contain carbohydrates
  • Your pre-workout meal should be high in protein – no carbs.
  • Start consuming carbs about thirty minutes into your workout
  • Depending on how big or long your workout was, consume anywhere up to two hundred grams of carbs, post workout

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