What is the Best Workout to Lose Weight for Beginners

No matter if you want to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass, this video will show you a great workout that any beginner can do. And you can do it in just 7 minutes.

QBX Fitness is a website aimed at helping people to lose weight and stay in great shape, if they only have a certain amount of time to do it in. Often, our lives are so busy with family and work commitments, that we only have little time to exercise.

So this is just one video out of a very long series that is really going to help you get in shape, if you are one of those people.

Check out the video..

About Andy James

Andy's background was in engineering, qualifying as a surveyor at aged twenty. He also had a very early interest in interest in weight training, fitness and nutrition, and started lifting weights at just 16. Now having over thirty five years experience in bodybuilding, resistance training and cardiovascular health, Andy shares his vast knowledge with you on this site hoping that you can take away a minimum of one small idea and put it to use in your own fitness regime and make a huge difference to to it. You can follow him on Twitter, catch up with him on Facebook and also on Google +1. Feel free to leave Andy a comment or question and look up his Facebook page.


  1. i have 3 months to lose weight and trim down my man boobs. what is the best way? i really need this ,my career is on the line

    • Keem, thanks for the message.
      If your life depends on it, I would suggest following a program because if you try to set goals by pulling figures out of the air, the probability is that you will fail to achieve those goals.

      Three months fits in perfect with the P90X program. Late last year I had abdominal surgery and although I know most things I need to know to help others get in shape, I needed a little push as I lost some of my drive and motivation being on my back for so long.
      So, I bought p90X and I am glad I did because it put me back to a good place in my life – Click Here to check out the reviews! There are over 1300 reviews on this program!

      But, if you do decide to ‘go it alone’ then bear in mind that no matter how much time you spend on your cardio or weigghts, , if your diet is not 100% clean – you will definitely not achieve your goals.

      Good luck,

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