Is Your Bodybuilding Workout Making You Fat

This is a very controversial subject, particularly if you are training with weights as a bodybuilder. You see, bodybuilders lift weights and consume a diet that will allow them to bulk up.

This is great if you intend on being one of those guys standing in a line up of absolute monsters! But if you are just using weights to improve your own physique, then your ‘bulking’ diet could contain too many calories.

Listen to some fundamental training and diet tips in this video and you will see the best ways to stay lean, even if you are lifting weights like a bodybuilder.

Something to remember is that you are (probably) working out with weights for just YOU. Although you may read every bodybuilding magazine you can get your hands on, you don’t need to eat like those pro’s – no matter what they say!

And it’s not about the weight, ie – how much you weigh. It’s about how great you look in the mirror.

If you look at pictures of Bruce Lee (RIP), he looks incredibly muscular and very lean doesn’t he. But when big guys used to stand next to him, he looked tiny! The choice is yours, look big in clothes or look huge without clothes on..

If you are taking a lot of supplements, don’t forget that they contain extra calories. You may want to consider leaving out a few of them. I know this may sound and ‘feel’ strange, but honestly, if you drop them and then drop some pounds of fat – you will look a whole lot more muscular.

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