How Many Cheat Days Should You Have in Your Diet?

When you are on a calorie and carbohydrate restricted diet, do you know how many cheat days you should have in any given week? Do you plan your cheat days?

I bet you plan them for the weekend? Am I right?

Well, watch this video and see why you should NOT plan ANY cheat days.

Notes on video:

  1. DON’T plan to cheat – it will happen spontaneously.
  2. Plan to Workout and Eat clean foods at all times.
  3. Every time you cheat, you take a step backwards…Arghhh..!
  4. If you eat junk food too often, you will end up getting frustrated too often.
  5. If you’re visiting family or friends, don’t feel obligated to eat their food. How do you avoid offending them? Contact those people before you visit (if it’s possible) and tell them you will either bring your own food or ask them to cook something low fat.
  6. Don’t eat the dessert and stay clear of soda’s and alcohol.
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