How to Get Big Biceps With Drop Set Exercises

In this great video from Mike Chang, you’re going to learn how to get big biceps using proper form – not cheating!

Mike shows you how to do ‘drop sets’ which are great for building lean muscle mass. I’ve always done drop sets for all body parts, but when you’re doing biceps you really can feel a great pump and muscle burn.

Check out this insane biceps drop sets workout…

Notes on video:

  • Drop sets are a really great exercise for building strength, size and for shaping your biceps.
  • Drop sets are not only good for building lean muscle, but also for boosting your heart rate which is great cardio for losing weight.
  • Tip – do 4 sets of barbell curls, followed by 4 sets of alternate dumbbell curls and finish with 2 or 3 sets of single arm concentration curls – all drop sets. Do this and you’ll feel PAIN! The good kind of pain.
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  1. Great and interesting video! It’s good to know that you could really get some real muscles just by doing the right exercise and eating the right kind of food.

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