A Short 12 Minute Cardio Workout That Sculpts Your Core

Three legged dogs, planks, mountain climbers! This twelve minute core sculpting workout will really test your yoga skills (if you have any)!

Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before, just follow on with this video a few times and you’ll soon pick it up. And once you do, wow! You’re going to really see the benefit of this type of exercise. Don’t forget your towel for this one.

Check it out…

For another amazing fat loss workout with a towel, just hit that link. You won’t be disappointed if you want to burn a ton of fat!

Video Notes:

  • Yoga combined with cardio – totally insane fat loss workout
  • Tone and strengthen your upper legs and buttocks
  • Boost your heart rate up quite high with this one, so be prepared!
  • This workout takes concentration, because it gets confusing.
  • Mountain climbers are one of my favorite exercises for fat loss
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