How Fast Can I Lose Weight

How Fast Can I Lose WeightI receive a number of inquiries on a regular basis about rapid weight loss. Most people who want to lose weight seem to be only interested in losing weight extremely fast before going on vacation, before getting married or before they need to be seen in a bathing suit when summer starts.

The first thing I’ll say about quick weight loss is that ‘weight’ loss is not what you should be focused on.

What you should be focused on is fat loss.

Remember these two important facts about losing weight:

  1. You can lose a lot of weight rapidly, but it is not healthy for you.
  2. And you should also remember this. Eventually that fast weight loss will backfire on you!

If you really want to know how to lose weight rapidly, say over two weeks then you can skip reading the following health and fitness tips. I have included a small section at the bottom of this article, which will discuss:

What Food You Can Eat to Lose Weight Fast.

However, I really do recommend you reading the whole article.

I would imagine that you have already probably experienced this at some time in your adult life, if you are, or used to be one of those people who will try any kind of diet to lose weight. But losing fat needs to be slow, progressive and steady, which is the same way you gained it. And you also so need to include an exercise program of some kind, for that reason I have included an article titled ‘the best cardio for fat loss’.

Lets have a look at two scenarios of a weight loss diet.

Scenario 1

Let’s say you go on some horrible diet of grapefruit and cucumbers for every meal (I don’t know if that’s a real diet, I just made it up – so DO NOT try it, because it lacks too much nutrition including protein and carbohydrates).

A grapefruit and cucumber diet would be very low in calories. Say your body is used to 3,000 calories per day. If you ate 15 grapefruits and 15 cucumbers per day, you’ve now reduced your daily calorific intake by 1650 calories.

This is what happens.

1. Your body is starving.

2. Your metabolism is used to 3,000 calories per day and is now getting 1,350 per day.

3. Your body panics and looks for a fuel source.

4. That fuel source is your muscle and fat.

Even if your metabolism didn’t slow down (which it would), it would take you about three months to lose forty pounds, since it takes about 3,500 calories to burn one pound of fat. That doesn’t sound so bad does it? Well as long as you love grapefruit and cucumbers.

Maybe not, but here’s what happens next.

5. Your metabolism DOES slow down, and at a tremendous rate. A pound of muscle burns around thirty seven calories per day. A pound of fat burns about two calories per day. Let’s say you lost 20 pounds of muscle and 20 pounds of fat. Your body now burns 790 less calories per day. In fact, it would probably burn even less, since your body naturally slows down your metabolism and stores more fat when you are starving. Now you’re getting really sick of this horrible diet. Your body is craving food like crazy. So you fall off of that horrible diet and go back to your 3000 calorie per day diet for a while.

6. You begin to gain fat like never before because your body has 20 pounds less muscle to burn calories. So you gain back the 40 pounds, but this time it’s all fat. You now weigh the same as you did before your diet, but your percentage of body fat is much higher and your belly looks like its about to explode!

Scenario 2

You start a fitness program of brief, progressive muscle building exercises and brief, progressive cardio. You also cut back slightly on your food intake. Let’s say you cut back 600 calories per day, the equivalent of one Big Mac sandwich. On each trip to the gym, you perform 30 minutes of weight training and 15 minutes of vigorous stationary biking. This burns somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,100 calories per week.

If we keep this simple and forget about metabolism changes for the moment, we can assume that you’re now burning about 5,300 calories per week. You must burn approximately 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat. So at this point, you’re probably losing about one and a half pounds of fat per week. This doesn’t sound like much. But, let’s also add a couple other factors.

The vigorous physical exercise is increasing your metabolism, causing you to burn more cholesterol. In addition, you’re also gaining muscle. Let’s say that in 4 months, you gain ten pounds of muscle. That muscle is now burning around 375 extra calories per day.

You've Lost WeightSo after four months, you’re body is eating away about 9,225 calories per week of fat (about 2 to 3 pounds). Since four months have gone by, you’ve already lost thirty or more pounds of pure fat.

After a further four months, you may lose another fifty pounds of fat (if you have that much fat to lose). Your actual weight on the scale will not be going down quite that fast, since you’ve also gained 10 pounds of muscle.

However, you will be losing fat and producing a lean, toned figure. So let’s look at the difference.

Under the first scenario, you’ve turned your body into a fat storing machine.

Under scenario two, you’ve turned your body into a fat burning machine. Even if you slip up on your diet in the second scenario, you’re body is burning more calories than ever. In addition, that extra muscle has toned and transformed your entire body into a much better shape.

You can lose weight fast, but you will pay for it in the long run. Your metabolism will slow down and you will have more problems in the future. Or, you can gain muscle and lose weight slowly and safely and make your body look better than ever. This is the ‘fastest’ and natural way to lose weight. The metabolism increases from building muscle will help you stay fit and in shape for life.

But what if you really needed to lose weight rapidly? Say you had a wedding coming up in 2 weeks or something of that nature. This is what I would do, because it worked for me before.

What Food Can You Eat to Lose Weight Fast in Two Weeks

Firstly, cut out all processed foods. Eat only natural food sources. Also cut out all carbohydrates. Included in that is all types of fruit, but not vegetables (apart from carrots because they contain an element of sugar). You don’t have to cut out all fats, ie – fatty meat such as steak. Make sure you eat a lot of green vegetables, like broccoli and spinach. Also include peppers and onions.

Make sure you keep your diet, protein rich. This is all meats, fish and whole eggs. But don’t eat foods like sausages or bacon. If you feel you need a snack in between meal times, eat a small amount of cheese or sliced beef. When I used this kind of rapid weight loss diet a few years ago, I lost a considerable amount of weight in just two weeks.

I am not recommending this type of diet, because it’s not entirely good for your health. The only reason I have included it, is because it worked for me when I needed it most. After that two weeks, I was able to go back to a proper nutritional diet, which I still maintain today.

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  1. Very interesting article. I follow the prinicpals outlined in scenario 2. I am SHOCKED at the huge margin of difference in the amount of calories burned per hour by fat and muscle. I knew muscle burned more calories, but I didn’t know if was THAT much more. Outstanding! No wonder when I feel like I’m really in shape, I can practically eat anything I want!

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