Fat Burning Leg Workout to Protect Your Knees

Quadriceps and hamstring workouts nowadays are not shifting heavy weight squatting or on the leg press – it’s all about the tension placed on the muscle, using high reps and as much weight as my knees can safely handle.

Important: If you’re a young guy reading this, whatever you do in the gym, you must protect your knees when you are training legs. Well, you should be conscious of how much weight your other joints are coping with too, on your other body part training days. But when your knees go, you’re in for a life of pain and immobility, like I get sometimes!

My knees suffer greatly under heavy weights these days, that’s because in my younger days as an enthusiastic, egotistical weight training ‘moron’, I pushed as much weight as I could, with little to no form.

So my leg workouts today comprise of medium light weights, reasonably high reps and a lot of concentration and focus on placing as much tension on the muscle as I can.

These leg workouts are no joke.

I can still barely walk the following day, or day after that. I love it. Love the pain, just love it.

So, what exercises am I doing?

After 5 – 10 minutes on the stationary bike, to warm up my knees…

Exercise #1 – Leg extensions.

2 Warm up sets. Followed by 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps, depending on how I feel on the day, I’ll either do straight sets to failure, or go a little heavier and drop set for the total rep count.

Exercise #2 – Hack-Squat.

1 Warm up set. 3/4 sets of 20 reps. Maximum weight I used today was 30kg either side. It ain’t much, but it did the job.

Exercise #3 – Walking lunges.

Ok, not the best exercise when you got bad knees, but if you only do a couple of sets (and you do them right), they can be a real asset to a leg workout like this.

2 sets lunges wearing a 20kg powerbag on my shoulders. I didn’t count steps, I just stopped when I was about to collapse!

Exercise #4 – Heel press using the leg press.

Yes, I know I said I don’t use the leg press for quads, but this exercise works the hamstrings and buttocks. It’s a nice ‘blender’ exercise going from quads to ham’s.

1 warm up set. Followed by 3/4 sets of 12 reps.

Exercise #5 – Seated hamstring curls.

1 warm up set. Followed by 4 sets of full contraction 10 – 12 reps. By ‘full contraction’, I mean that I start with my hamstrings and buttocks fully contracted, then start the movement. Try it. You can’t complete many full reps, by the forth or fifth you’re doing three-quarter rep movements.

Exercise #6 – Dumbbell straight leg dead-lifts.

To finish off, I did 3 sets of these bad boys to stretch out the muscle, and to include more buttocks again. Light weights for the three sets.

Why Do I Call This a ‘Fat Burning’ Leg Workout?

Most of the work I do these days is quick. I mean, as least amount of rest between sets and exercises as possible, plus high reps – equals high heart rate for around 45 minutes! I may finish off with 4 or 5 pushes of the prowler sledge, but this workout I was done after that 6th exercise.

Try it. Let me know how you get on (just leave a comment below).

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