Todays Workout is All About the Heart and Lungs

In the gym by 8.15am.

No breakfast  – fat burning will be exponential.

Warm up on the bike for ten minutes.

Then one of my favorite parts of my exercise plan – stretching. I feel so much more energetic when I’m a little more ‘bendy’ than the day before. Mind you, when my legs are tight I really feel slow, which is why I stretch now, every workout and dedicate at least 2 thirty minute sessions per week just to limbering up.

After stretching, I went straight into HIIT work on the rower. But I have to say, I won’t be doing it again!! (sad face – I was just starting to like rowing again).


Tendonitis in my right arm flared up again after ten minutes of HIIT work. I will substitute something else next time.

After that ten minutes on the rower, I went into kettle-bell intervals.

  1. Kettle-bell squat and swing – count of 20.
  2. Kettle-bell clean and jerk (left then right arm) – count of 20 per arm.
  3. Kettle-bell twists and pass under leg for count of 40 (this really works the oblique’s)

Then I moved on to a barbell intervals.

5 Sets. 10 reps. No rest.

  1. Bent over row
  2. Clean and jerk
  3. Squat
  4. Hamstring stretch (bar across shoulders)
  5. Shoulder press
  6. Bicep curls
  7. Triceps overhead press


I’ll be burning rapid calories for the next 24 hours at least with that workout.

I love this type of exercise for fat loss, and it doesn’t really interfere with your muscle building program either. The weights are light enough, and every movement is as quick as I can make it to keep the heart rate as high as possible (for the high intensity parts).

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Andy's background was in engineering, qualifying as a surveyor at aged twenty. He also had a very early interest in interest in weight training, fitness and nutrition, and started lifting weights at just 16. Now having over thirty five years experience in bodybuilding, resistance training and cardiovascular health, Andy shares his vast knowledge with you on this site hoping that you can take away a minimum of one small idea and put it to use in your own fitness regime and make a huge difference to to it. You can follow him on Twitter, catch up with him on Facebook and also on Google +1. Feel free to leave Andy a comment or question and look up his Facebook page.

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