Exposed :: Your Cardio for Fat Loss Sucks!

High Intensity Interval Training Vs Moderate Traditional Cardiovascular Exercises

woman pushing sled Take a really good look at the following figures. And out of that list, which length of time for cardio exercise do you think is proven to burn the most body fat? The answer may surprise you.

a. 90 minutes of walking?
b. 45 minutes on an exercise bike or other fitness equipment?
c. 15 minutes of HIIT – highly intensive dumbbell and body weight exercises?

The answer is c. But how could that possibly be? How could just 15 minutes of exercise be more of a weight loss benefit than forty minutes on a stationary bike or walking about a mile? I’ll prove it to you later.

For a long time, there has been a huge amount of ‘bad instruction’ around the internet about what exercises you need to do, in order to burn the maximum calories and achieve the best weight loss benefits. This is hugely important if you are someone who does not have two hours a day to spend exercising – which ironically, is probably most people!

Most people are spending up to an hour or two per day, a few times a week, either pounding the pavements – jogging or walking, or are stood on a treadmill, sat on an exercise bike or skiing their hearts out on an elliptical machine (the elliptical is about the best of these machines, because you are using multiple exercise groups).

But, if your goal is fat loss (not general cardiovascular exercise for your heart – lets be very clear about this), you are not making the best use of your time. And that is to put it ‘gently’.

Clearing Up the Misconceptions of Fat Loss Exercises

So I want to clear up a few misconceptions for you, and enlighten you to the very best ways that you can exercise, and making the best use of your time, which is going to help you lose fat quicker and get on the right track to looking athletic and toned.

Traditionally, if you wanted to lose fat (or get shredded, for the more serious gym rats), you would need to add to your already busy schedule, about thirty minutes of moderate stationary bike exercises first thing in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed. Or you would need to execute a full days slog at the office, on the road or where ever else you may work – and then hit the treadmill in the gym for an hour!

But most people just don’t have that luxury of time to exercise this way. About 5% of people who want to lose weight actually succeed in their goal, because losing the fat either takes too long or, and this bit is freaky – it does not work at all..! And they just give up.

But, there is good news for you!

New scientific research has concluded that this ‘traditional’ way to lose fat, is not the most optimal method. In fact, picking up a set of dumbbells and exercising with weights, and eating a healthy diet is the best way to lose fat (proof later in the article), on a like for like basis.

Carry on reading to discover the absolute best ways you should be doing your cardio for fat loss!

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